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I, Vampire Bat (Prompt)

Prompt: Write a complete story about a vampire bat in 200 words.

"Albert l'Card", read the placard. It was followed by the words "Vampire Bat", "Desmodus rotundus", and a brief description of his range/habitat, his diet, and his conservation status (Least Concern). Every day when he woke up, there were large, pink mammals staring at him from behind some kind of magical barrier that prevented his escape. His first few days in this prison he tried to leave, testing every inch of the barrier for weaknesses. Alas, none were found.

Once a day, a Pink One would come in with a bowl of food. Usually, it tasted like bovine, but occasionally it was equine - his favorite. Sometimes it was O+, sometimes just O, but on rare occasions, he got his absolute favorite: B+. And it was a special day indeed when he got equine B+ blood. On those days he felt invigorated. But it always, always tasted different. How he longed for the warm, fresh flow enjoyed from the back of a great beast on a cloudless, moonlit night. After what felt like years, he got tired of the same old thing and he began to wonder what the Pink Ones tasted like.

Cover art provided by By Uwe Schmidt - File:Desmo-scan.tif and File:Desmo-boden.tif, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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